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Original Hand painted Thangka of Manjushri -Manjushree -Jambiyang-24K Pure  Gold - 29 x 44" (73 x 111cm) -Tibetan Traditional Thang Ka made in Nepal

Production description:-

Handmade Religious Painting
Theme: Buddhism
Style: Tibetan
Framing: unframed
Height: 44 inches
Width: 29 inches
Origin: Nepal
Material : Cotton cloth, 24K Pure Gold (2.19 gm), Thangka colors which is water proof, weather proof and  more durable  at least 25 yrs


Manjushri -Manjushree -Jambiyang 038

  • About Thangka

    Thangka is a painting on cotton clothing which usually portray a deity of Buddhism. Thangkas are hung around monasteries and homes to represent Buddha's teachings, as well as for decoration. Many people use  thangkas as aids in meditation and prayer through the visual representation of a deity.

    Thangka, also known as a paubhas (meaning “message from the temple”), is an intricate and very detailed painting depicting different gods and deities. There are countless gods or deities in Tibetan-Buddhism, and therefore, thangka paintings can represent a myriad of different stories. It is also called the roadmap to enlightenment.

    About Manjushri

    Manjushri / Manjushree  (in Tibetan : Jambiyang / Jampal ) means "Gentle Glory" . Manjusri is the Bodhisattva of wisdom, the radiance of enlightened awareness and understanding. On his right hand he carries the double-edged sword able to cut through illusion and with his left hand a blooming lotus that supports a book, the Prajnaparamita Sutra representing the realization and perfection of wisdom and intelligence.

    Name of Gods  on this painting:-
    Center: Arapacana Manjushri
    Top Right: Red Simhanada Manjushri
    Button Right: Blue Vimala Manjushri
    Top Left: Yellow Tikshna Manjushri
    Button Left: White Jnanasattva Manjushr

    Making process: This Thangka is painted using  thangka colors which is water proof, weather proof and  more durable  at least 25 yrs. Gold has been used on head and body side lining. Each painting takes several months to complete and the eyes are painted on last since they are believed to be the way into the soul. The delicate amount of details of exact amount of proportions and measurements of each deity or god is required for the painter to paint the Thangka . This is specifically painted by a master artist at Nepal.

    Please contact us if you have any questions  or if you need further information before ordering.Thank you !

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